#LipglossmaffiaGuide To Giving The Perfect Gift…

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Christmas is here. Most people are getting migraines thinking about what to buy for their loved ones. Well, worry not dear friend. The #LipglossmaffiaGuide to getting the perfect gift is here to make your Christmas less stressful. I think this guide will help you in any season, so you might want to bookmark this one.

Here are my tips…

1- Try To Get Something That Links To Their Interest.
For instance, imagine the person is me, my interests include, photography, baking, culture, art, food(just to mention a few), you can get me a book on baking, a camera, an art piece, a restaurant voucher, you get the idea? Awesome. Just think of their interests and get something in that area. It really reduces your stress. This tip would only mess up if you are an arrogant human being who doesn’t care about anyone else. Lol, even if you just started dating, you can still find something for someone(think about this when you try to get a present for your new boyfriend).

2- Try Something That Is Related To Their Hobby.
Do they like reading, exercising, cooking, playing music instruments, arts & crafts? This should be easy, just buy a book or an exercise gear/wear or accessories for their musical instruments. Like this, you’re sure the present will be in use and they would appreciate you for going the extra mile. It’s not going to be dumped somewhere and re-gifted(not like that’s a crime, i’ll get to that soon).

3- Get Something They Need But For Some Weird Ass Reason Can’t Get It.
We all have some particular items that we always need but can never bring ourselves to get them, I don’t even know why. I keep forgetting to get air freshener for my car, urghhh! My mum has been bugging me about getting her a multiple USB port. Well, guess who is getting that for Christmas? Yeah, you guessed right. Listen to the people in your life, they are always dropping hints. It doesn’t even have to be a big deal, it might even be really small but they will appreciate because you were “thoughtful“. Major key!

4- Get Something That Works For Them In Their Work/Daily Life.
This is where you need to pay extra attention to details. It’s the thought that counts here. It could be headphones for someone who commutes a lot, a CD/USB playlist for someone who drives a lot. Office slippers(not Crocs), daily medicine pill box, a pack of handkerchiefs, a new blender, pay for  a certification course. It could be anything, as long as it eases their stress at work or daily activities.Are you getting tingly yet?


That’s my Christmas tree and we haven’t even finished shopping!

5- Get Them Something That Makes Them Feel Pampered.
Everyone loves to be pampered. EVERYONE. A spa treatment would be nice. My Mummy plans to take Daddy Dearest to a new chic salon to get a very luxurious pedicure. Get your guy a very nice haircut at one of those places with the hot towel thingies(if it still exists), A nice meal(nothing beats an amazing culinary experience), wake them up with breakfast in bed. Get creative and pamper the people you love, life’s too short.

6- Get Something Customized.
I don’t have to explain why this is always a great idea. And there are lots of vendors who are in the customizing business, my favourite is The Gift Source who is based in Abuja. I love her customized gift packs. I follow her on Instagram and I just hope and pray that someone would send me a customized pack. I did get one for my period two months ago though and it was awesome. See that’s also another great idea! Read about the PMS care package I received a few months ago, that’s  sure way to make a girl feel special.
7- Get Them Something Fancy
If you can afford it, why not? Wow the people in your life. Get that watch, or jewellery or a phone or even a car! Just kidding no, I’m not. There is no limit to what you can do here. Get creative, you bank account is your only limit.
8- Re-gift/Repurpose
There are some people who would still give weird gifts, I’m a sentimental person but I’m not a hoarder. So, if I feel like someone else can make better use of something I have, I would give it to them. Like I did, for Ebun, my colleague. I have a post coming out on Friday, it’s a DIY post on how to wrap gifts like a pro.

Did I miss out any tips? Do you have any strategy when buying gifts for your loved ones? Please share with me.

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