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The highly anticipated(sorry to be so cliché but it was) movie, The Wedding Party, directed by Kemi Adetiba is finally out in cinemas.  I dragged my Mummy Dearest to come see it with me. Okay, I didn’t have to drag her out, she was already at the bank in the mall which also housed the cinema. Point is, I went to see it with my mum. Why? Because my mum is an honest critic of film. Even though we both like to get lost in the story, we also see(unfortunately) the little oddities that distract you from the story just for a few moments.
I’m not a spoiler so I’m not going to give you the story but it is what you think it is about. The Wedding Party is an experience most Nigerians have been through, so my fingers were super crossed for a plot twist that would blow my mind. The twist eventually came but I wasn’t blown away. I felt it wasn’t strong enough. Too safe in fact.
If there is anything, I can’t fault in this film is the cast. Oh my. Well done, Casting Director, well done. To be honest, I was skeptical about Banky W, but he was alright, not a bad  attempt. The star of the film in my own opinion was Sola Shobowale a.k.a Toyin Tomato. She was hilarious and I loved the relationship between her and her husband, played by comedian, Ali Baba. Whenever they came out, I would scream #RalationshipGoals(so many people had to shush me)

Source: BellaNaija


Now, for the woman of the hour, Kemi Adetiba. I have always been a huge fan of this woman and her work, I mean she is one of the prominent female filmmakers in Nigeria(I think)Yes, she is actually. Anyway, when I first heard she was working on her first feature I was so excited!

I’m sure you can identify her already.

Then, I heard the film was going to show at the Toronto Film Festival, I was like,” Nooooo, isn’t it too soon? Aren’t they rushing it? Lord! Kemi don’t be like those Nollywood folks who make movies in a short amount of time. Take it easy”. And you know what? After watching The Wedding Party, I agree there is nothing more they could have done to tell this story( okay, I’m kidding, there is always something to improve on and I saw many) I don’t want to nitpick, the fact is; Kemi Adetiba directed this movie well. She really did. It was worth my time and my money.
Well done, Ms Adetiba. I’m so proud of you.

I’m rating this film 75%. Yeah, it made me feel very happy. It had the right amount of  laughs and awww’s and nooooo’s and Yaaaay’s in it. It’s a feel good movie and I think everyone needs watch it. It’s at your cinema, make sure you watch this film.wp-1481910070672.pngwp-1481910064563.pngwp-1481910075751.png