#TheTribeSpeaks: On Things You Should Never Do In Bed…

Merry Christmas, Folks!

I had to curate one more session of #TheTribeSpeaks before the end of the year. I always learn new and interesting things from members of The Tribe. On this episode, I asked them two questions:

1- What is one thing a partner should never do in bed?

2- What turns you off during sex?

Cosmo mag handles these kind of questions all the time but trust me, they have never travelled through the minds of The Tribe and it is the most interesting journey you have ever been on. Enjoy…



1. Don’t touch my butt
2. Touching my butt
Anonymous, Male


1. I have done almost every thing in bed but I don’t think I would find it funny if my partner slaps me in the name of being “hardcore”. I WILL end him. 2. Tongue in my ear and plenty questions. It is not an interview.
“C”, Female


Finger me and trying to finger me.
Kush, Female


1. Wear underwear. No! Noo!! Nooo!!! 2. Teeth getting involved in a blowjob or a smelly vagina kills the mood faster than it takes Dalung to form a correct sentence.
Kels, Male


1. Putting your weight on me. Or should I say resting on me totally 2. Leaving in the middle of foreplay and going to do something else.
Anonymous, Female


1. Fart. Lie still, or stay silent. This is no mannequin challenge. 2. Awkward responses & moans. –
Aaron, Male


1. Don’t fart during sexy time. I want to be inside you, not know how your insides work 2. 🤔 I think an unkempt trim would do the trick; bald or not, make sure it’s neat.
Cavey, Male


Don’t ever try to lick my armpit; Do not kiss my ears it actually turns me off
Estellle, Female


1. Involve her teeth while sucking me lol. 2. Being too self-conscious, hey we’re already naked, what’s there to be shy about?
Dot, Male



1. Fart
2. Smelly pussy
Brixon, Male



Them lazy gurls them. That just lay there n moan while i die on the line. Please come n ride me till i beg that i’m not doing again.
Mo, Male



1. Never ask lame ass questions
2.Too much moaning
Anonymous, Female



1. Slow or stop the flow of things. Same ans to number 2
Stef_23, Male



1. Coprophilia 2. Selfishness
Lholly, Male



1. Fart while giving her head
2. Mouth Odour
Anonymous, Male


1. Don’t just try new stuff in bed without prior discussion or hint of what is to be tried with your partner. Consent is very important.
2. Mentioning an ex or other partners during Sex is a big turn off, Lazy and selfish partner, too much pubic hair, don’t pull my hair without mercy, don’t fucking choke me unnecessarily amma choke u back, don’t dispose your cum on my hair it ain’t your bin and I’m black, asking me to put the condom on for u? Nigga help yourself.
VicTheGreat 😁, Female


Anonymous, Female


For me a woman reluctant to try new stuffs in the room and stopping the action when it matters the most like when I’m down on her(Head).
Anonymous, Male


Answer 1: Not know the limits / going to sleep when your partner isn’t satisfied.
Answer 2: Bad oral sex and the person giving it thinks he is doing a good job.
Honey, Female


1:keep fucking wen i’m dry
2:Lousy moans
Madam Creative, Female


My answer to the first question is quite simple really, but still pretty essential. I think the one thing a partner should NEVER do in bed is be absent. Just imagine the roll call is being read and the partner isn’t there to answer. It’s an activity both partners should be involved in from beginning to the end… Be Present! If I’m boring you, let me know… If the class is dragging on and losing its zing, let each other know. Don’t handle activities in a manner that will encourage the other person to leave early mentally. That would honestly just suck.
To the second question… An absolute turn off is an absent partner that’s just going through the motions… Hell! I’ll never even have sex with a person that doesn’t want to have sex with me for starters, but even though I’m a bit of a ho’ and quite difficult to get turned off when I’m ready to go, the one thing that has turned me off on two different occasions… =;( Bad Landscaping. Your lawn has NO business being unkempt, neglected or even “un-tended to” (… there is no such expression, but please let me use it). An un-mowed lawn (… another made up word) is pretty much unacceptable for me. It’s essential I go down on you… probably more essential than the sex afterwards even. My going-down-on-her kit does NOT have dental floss of any kind in it.
Seth-Y, Male



1- Be selfish
2-Be unresponsive
Anonymous, Male


1. Act privileged, like am just supposed to dig away. 2.Smelly box.
Christo, Male


1. No BDSM stunts save for tying me up. I don’t take my pleasure with a dose of pain. <– that’s the only thing I can think of right now.
2. Pungent musty nether regions are a huge turn off. Excess pubic hair too. I like my nether regions freshly scented and mostly hairless. Oh and ladies who are lazy in bed are a HUGE turn off.
Tecee, Male


1) To wake me up when asleep demanding for sex
2) can’t really say
Anonymous, Female


A partner should never be lazy in bed and sloppy kisses is a turn off for me.
Amy, Female


Dear Partner, do not just yank my dick up and down in the name of giving me a hand job if you don’t know what ya doing. That shii is painful. Its not how hard you yank it, its rubbing the right places.
What turns me off, talking like what we doing is a porno. Your honest moans are all I want not some weird statements.
Anonymous, Male


1- Fart
2 – Passiveness
Anonymous, Male


1. Leave the moment and start asking silly questions. Like what are we now or talk about anything else. When you’re in the moment, be in the moment.
2. During sex.. well so long as there’s no hair on the pubes and you don’t kiss releasing a lot of spit I think I’m good during sex.
Cereal264, Male


Too much talking.
Anonymous, Male


1. Fart. 2. Partner’s phone rings or beeps
Anonymous, Female


1. Be fake nasty, talk dirty and all. It becomes boring at a point. 2. Christian Grey wannabes.
Kachi, Female


Not trying proper touching before penetration. By touching I mean concentrating very well on the upper region. Boobs are such a powerful instrument 😏😏
Married Woman, Female


2. Bad breath, inattentive & boring partner.
I used to say farting but I think when you’re used to your Partner, you get in with the programme.
Oleaf, Female


1. Attend to phones
2. Ask questions
Khuddie, Female


1. Mention someone else’s name mistakenly or intentionally during sexual intercourse or comparing your partner to a previous or another sexual partner
2. Lack of participation,lack of communication,sexual partner just lying there like log of wood waiting for you to finish and again sex being seen as a performance contest.
Aguiyi Ironsi, Male


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