2017 Blogging Schedule: Orgasms & Giveaways…

T  G  I  F!!!

I made it through the first work week of the year without killing anyone! Yaaaaay!




Today’s Mood: 7/11 Beyonce (This is even my ringtone for the entire year!)



The year is officially running and I just want to take us through the various categories currently on the blog and the new ones that I plan to add. Some of you have been following this blog since 2012 and I am so grateful for all the love and the support. Consistency has been my problem and that’s because adulting always gets in the way of me blogging properly but I want to rectify that a bit this year. I cannot guarantee that I will be posting on particular days but I am making a promise to myself and to you that I will publish 3/ 4 posts every week. If I go less than three, my laptop blew up or I have been kidnapped by brain sucking aliens. If I go more than four, I must be out of a day job, in a nutshell, 3/4 is the safest bet for us all.


There will be no pattern to what or how I post. So, everytime you get an update from the blog, it would be a wonderful surprise! Yaaay! So, let’s go through the existing categories.


  • Lipglossmaffia Guide

You are no stranger to this category definitely. This is where I give all the advice that lay around in my head, it’s not like I ever use them and some people find them relatively useful so I like to give. It’s one of my favourite post to write. One of my fave was: #LIPGLOSSMAFFIAGUIDE TO BECOMING A MORE AWESOME PERSON…


  • The Shuffle

The shuffle is a music related category. I like to create random playlists, so here I just create more playlists of ten songs and share with you. I know there are definitely people who have similar music tastes. One of my fave was: #THESHUFFLE: SONGS THAT SET THE MOOD FOR SEXY TIME IN A CAR…


  • The Review

Sometimes, when i’m not reading a juicy novel, sleeping or at my day job, I go out to explore the land with friends and family or just try new things. To document these experiences, I blog about them and I have learned that it helps some folks make informed decisions(I know, we are saving lives up in here). One of my fave was: #THEREVIEW: HAVE YOU EVER HAD A NAANINI???


  • Musings Of The Maffia

My mind wanders a lot. I think this category and the next one are the reasons this blog was created in the first place. I have many random thoughts that  need answers. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to everything and I like to get conversations going, so that’s the whole point of this category. One of my fave was: MUSINGS OF THE MAFFIA: KEEPING SPARE TYRES…


  • Lipglossmaffia Book Club

I love love love this category. I got serious about it towards the end of 2016. This is to share with you my love for books and and to reactivate our reading culture. I created my first reading challenge and  think you should join, it would be so much fun for your soul. Here it is: LIPGLOSSMAFFIA BOOK CLUB: 2017 READING CHALLENGE…



  • The Tribe Speaks

The real opinions and thoughts of people are always fun to read. Always. The Tribe are mostly people who subscribe to the BBM channel(to join, send me an email with your BB pin at lipglossmaffia@gmail.com) and the other half are dedicated followers of the blog. One of my fave was: THE MAFFIATRIBE SPEAKS: ON WHAT THE INSIDE OF A VAGINA FEELS LIKE…


  • The Weekly 8

This is perhaps the most random category of all. I love lists, so here I just create random lists of anything I can think of. Lol One of my fave was: #THEWEEKLY8:THINGS YOU NEED TO DO ALONE AT LEAST ONCE…


  • Bookmarked

Just like the name explains, whenever I find really amazing articles on the internet, I share it here under this category so I don’t lose track of where it is. One of my fave was: #BOOKMARKED: 10 QUALITIES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE AWESOME AT RELATIONSHIPS…


  • On The Hustle

I am super passionate about this category. I am a huge fan of young people who do their best to make a way for themselves in an environment that is literally trying to stifle them. So here, I just showcase young entrepreneurs. One of my fave was: #ONTHEHUSTLE: THE PMS CARE PACKAGE…


  • Tipsy Tuesday

My love for all types of alcohol is put on display here. I’m not even going to front. This category is everything alcohol and all results of my drinking fests. I haven’t done much here I’m afraid but I did share a pretty good guide here: THIS IS A SERIOUS MASTERCLASS!(FOR WINE LOVERS)…


These are the new categories that would be popping up on the blog very very soon. I’m so excited about them!


  • Lipglossmaffia Style

I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista or a trendsetter. Nope, my style is comfy chic. Emphasis on Comfy. I would be exploring my fashion style in this category, sharing tips and tricks, as a Recessionista, I have loads! So, this is going to be fun.



  • Food Time

I love to eat. I love to cook. I’m not a food blogger but sometimes I do make really delicious things in the kitchen and I want to start sharing my recipes. I started out with NIGERIAN FOOD BLOGGING IS NOT THAT HARD and then graduated to MY FIRST TIME MAKING AFANG SOUP.



  • Spotlight

Interviews! That’s what has been missing! And I feel like interviews will expand the reach of the blog, I have a couple of really interesting folks lined up, you need to stay tuned to this bit. 



  • Giveaway

This is EXACTLY what is sounds like. Free stuff coming soon people!



Purple And Posh

Let’s talk a little about my erotica blog, I know I haven’t been publishing much, I have a lot of stories in my draft but for some reason, I let it marinate for too long, when it’s time to edit, I get bored. I promise to be better this year. I’m thinking one story per month, yeah, I can handle that. These were the most popular reads of 2016:

  1. Just Married…
  2. My Boss And I…
  3. Waking Up Inside You…
  4. Temperature…



 I am so excited for the year. I promised myself to take responsibility for my own joy and happiness for now on. Join me?


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