7 Reasons Why I Think It’s Time For A New Job…

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First of all, I need y’all to know how frustrating it is to find a job you really like in this part of the world. Okay, it happens all over the world but, Nigeria is a special place where every single thing is out to kill you.(I’m not even kidding) There are companies who put out ads but are not even sure what they are looking for. Some just put out ads so it doesn’t look like they don’t hire people. Some hire you but have nothing for you to do and you end up in a mental coma. One time, I went for an interview and then when they called me back, I didn’t respond because they were offering me way below what I could survive on. And that’s the problem, these folks know how hungry young folks are, so they just offer you an ant’s meal for the job of an elephant(does that make sense?)



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I’m hopeful that I will find something awesome pretty soon. Would you like to glance at my CV? I just figured, I have a blog, why not use it to find a job, right? So, if you know of any place I could fit in, holla at your girl.



I mean, I am a 20-something year old girl. Bursting with creative energy, ideas and skills, not trying to make an “impact” like Simon Sinek said here,   but I’m stuck at a job I don’t like because:



a. It wasn’t my first choice and
b. My bills don’t care about my useless feelings and emotions.



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Imagine it were you. What are you supposed to do? Do you just suck it up and deal with it the rest of your life, hoping one that you get a new HR lady who I don’t know just doesn’t like the way you smell or something and instantly—yet also unceremoniously–fires you and can move on? Or do you stop keeping your frustrations to yourself and just get out and go find something else to do. Do you need a better reason to do so? Well, I have  written down a couple of reasons to convince you and I why we need to leave our current workplaces…



Relocation: Seeing And Going Somewhere New.

By now you’ve been in your undesired job for a few years now–hell, even a few days is enough–and you know the area like the back of your hand. And like the back of your hand it’s not much to talk about; everything is the same and will continue to be the same. “Variety is the spice of life” and you need to be somewhere else new and exciting. If you have a car then it’s time to drive somewhere you’re unfamiliar with your resume and good suit in hand. If you don’t have a car then take the bus, if you’re used to the bus ride to work then take a different one. Explore your surroundings–and your options.



Meeting New People: Preferably Your Own Age.

One of the many reasons a job isn’t the job for you is that there’s no one around to relate to. Everyone’s older than you and has worked there for longer, making you feel like this, too, is where you should be for the rest of your life. You need something with people who share the same interests as you to liven up the hours from clock-in to clock-in. Who knows? Maybe you all can be friends outside of work and hang out and help each achieve the goals you all want in the first place.

Showing That You’re Making Progress In Life.

Going back to the idea that the job you’re currently in is nothing more than something your parents/uncles/aunts/mentors thought of while you couldn’t think of anything better at the time, getting a new job on your own is good to show to mom and dad that you’re growing as a person and are taking the steps to becoming a grown and mature adult. And venturing out into the unknown is good for yourself because it’ll prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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It’ll Look Good On Your CV.

You’re young, full of ideas, and above all else versatile. You want to try new things and prove what you’re capable of and want others to know it. Perhaps you’re also always kicking yourself for not doing better in school; but actually going out and learning new skills can let you kick your GP in the ass and stick your tongue out at your transcripts.



Gives You Something Fresh To Write About.

Who doesn’t have a blog now and who doesn’t want to appear to have a rich, fulfilling life to transcribe to others? You don’t want to be the sour puss who whines about having nothing to write about and/or thinks their life isn’t all that interesting when comparing his/her self to others. P.S You should never compare yourself to others. Ever. Like ever ever. But i am aware that we are all human, so sometimes it will get to you. But if you had a new, exciting job you wouldn’t have the time to compare and contrast. Comparing yourself to others is the sure fire way to depress yourself into submission when you feel that you’re not doing what you believe you should be doing. Instead of always commenting on your old buddy’s pictures of his self, girlfriend and their new dog having a blast in another country with the reply, “I wish I was having that kind of fun” or something snarky and passive aggressive, you need to reevaluate yourself and start looking for a new career path.



Because You Just Want A New Job, Dammit!

Because you know for a fact that the job you’re in isn’t for you and need to change that fact. The world won’t stop for you and your gripes so it’s time to start catching up with it and have the courage to take the risk of leaving a secure job for something bolder. It doesn’t matter how much it pays nor how many hours your given because it’ll be the job you wanted. 



Because You’re Not Always This Bitter And Angry — You’re Actually Quite Awesome!

Are you afraid that if you get a new job then you’ll lose your “edge” and can’t be a sarcastic cynic who acts above everyone else for reason? Will the change reveal that you’re actually a pretty caring and nice person who likes the company of others–and most importantly, yourself–because you’re really a very capable and very intelligent young individual who doesn’t want to always come off as a cranky prick who does nothing but complain about life but then choose to not actively do anything about it?

The answers can’t be anything but “yes!”



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