#TheTribeSpeaks: On Their Special Sexual Tricks & Skills…

We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.
Marilyn Monroe

Hi folks!

It’s the first episode of #TheTribeSpeaks for 2017. If this is your first time here, where have you been? No worries. I’ve got you.  This is easily one of my favourite series on the blog, I really loved curating this one, #TheTribeSpeaks: ON WHAT THE INSIDE OF A VAGINA FEELS LIKE. The purpose of the series to get into the minds of my naughty, awesome readers. You guys are fantastic and it’s great to have other voices on the blog asides mine.

This particular topic was inspired by one of the comments from the BBM channel, I just thought it would be great to go deeper and have The Tribe talk about it a bit(p.s if you’re interested in joining the BBM channel please, send me an email with your pin at lipglossmaffia@gmail.com). So this was the question I asked:  WHAT’S YOUR SPECIAL SEXUAL TRICK?(YOUR GO-TO MOVE WHEN YOU WANT TO IMPRESS A PARTNER). And I think I got the most insightful answers.

Enjoy these beautiful minds…

I’m simple. I like to twerk on a dick. I can’t twerk for shit, but on the dick I’m a pro. Lol!   C, Female



Create the right atmosphere and watch her get the message.
Ahmed, Male



Well, my go-to move is usually a combination of my head game and my fingering skills.I rarely ever go wrong with that.
Teecee, Male



Reverse cowgirl…
Or doggy…
Anonymous, Female



I think mine has to be the most stupid ever.
Once I flip the babe over, it’s game over, I automatically turn into King Kong. At this point, I get to squeeze the breast with my left hand and play with the club with my right hand while I thrust.That’s why it’s fun for me.Couple of orgasms and referrals down the line so far.But I’m still humble.
Anonymous, Male



Yimika, Male



I guess I ride in reverse cowgirl and twerk my ass while at it.
Anonymous, Female



It’s called “the nipple nibble”.
So what I used to do will be to nibble light on the head of the nipple with my upper palate without biting with my teeth.
Amandla, Male



My country people, I hail o. For me sha…. when giving him blowjob, I purposely focus on the upper part of his dick and give it a hard suck, then proceed to tease the tip like I wanna push my tongue into the tiny hole. Those moves set him on edge. Also when doing the reverse cowgirl, I twerk as I bounce, the sight of my bouncing ass and moves makes him promise heaven on earth Jidenna did for Honey in IAKS.

Florentyna, Female



I just send him a very abstract looking nude picture. Preferably in black and white. Or I tease him with a naughty message like “guess who has no panties on”. AND IN BED? His nipples.
Delilah, Female



Kiss nape.
ThatAfricanKid, Male




I’m told I give good head,so I will suck,lick and tease that dick till you beg me to stop. And they always do.
Dee, Female



For me, impressing is all about doing what pleases her (her styles & fantasies). I do however insist on giving shamelessly long and intense head (and I sure am Damn good at it)
Kaizer, Male



I love massaging his dick with my vagina muscles and pussy biting his dick while he is moving inside me. While he is thrusting in and out, I tighten my vaginal muscle around his dick and pull in, and release, pull stronger and release hold on his dick as many times as possible while moving and matching his thrust. If you get this movement right, you will know that men can moan more than women and call on God for help during sex. If you want him to beg and promise you heaven and earth, just do it for a minute and stop then just be matching his thrust without gripping his dick with your vagina muscle anymore. You will hear, “baby pls continue now” pretend like say you no understand wetin him dey talk and he will change it to “I beg now, continue biting it am enjoying it” 😀😀😀😀😀. Na my hubby made me name it pussy biting o. When my man will go like, “baby why is your pussy not biting my dick again na, bite it joor.😀😀😀😀.

Amaka Dan, Female




My fingers.
There are two stages to this art. There is the Dj Scratch and the G-Spot Jerk. For you to get to the g-spot, you need to get the oil pump flowing and you do that with the Dj scratch. It’s an art, if you switch too early you loose the oil pumps and if you switch too late it becomes boring.
AJ, Male



Handjob with oil, then just before he cums I suck the tip and tease his nipples at the same time.

Laura, Female



I’m a damn good kisser, even if I say so myself. It’s hard to explain how I use my mouth. But I flick my tongue all round his lips, in a circular motion.. he loves it. See, I’m not good at explaining. Then bomb head:
First I trail kisses from his lips to his neck, his chest, I suck and nibble on those nipples (total turn on).
I’m running my hands all over him at the same time but I avoid the D, I trail fingers down his belly, tickle.the belly button and caress his lower abdomen…. I ‘mistakenly’ brush the D, but then I get back to pinching the nipples. Now he’s getting worked up. So I trail kisses down his belly to his dangling modifier, and I just lick the whole length before I fully delve into sucking on it. As much as I can take in before the gag reflex.
While sucking, I pour out as much saliva as possible, makes the motions easier and feels good for him. I also tickle the balls. And soon enough he’s dragging me up for the rest of the show.

CIA, Female



Eating pussy.
Ghost, Male



I’m a dominant by nature, when my man lets me take charge I blindfold, handcuff and put some ear plugs in his ears. When most of your senses are inactive, touch becomes intense and you can have a man cum every minute. I use tools like ice cream, sensual candles and massage and a whole lot of stuff.

Anonymous, Female



Head! I always get a girl to cum that way. Or atleast introduce to a new thrilling experience. I usually get a free pass after that.
Chris, Male



Sight of my cleavage. So I’m always exposing that and he can’t resist.

Anonymous, Female



A surprise pause in the middle of intense strokes to eat pussy out, then returning to the strokes.
Dayo, Male



I have been told I have magic fingers.
Moyekan, Male



When it comes to impressing my partner, I go all out to giving him maximum pleasure. I make him as comfortable as possible, whip out my blindfold and earpiece and go down on him till he comes.

Little, Female



I wouldn’t call it a trick exactly, but my favourite sexual move has to do with the intensity of the head I give. I tease slowly by kissing around the thighs, and use tongue action on the clit.
King, Male



When she is on top but this time she don’t have to ride me all she have to do is stay static and while I fuck her from under as fast I can ….. Most women tend to cum from that position.Immediately go suck her pussy while she is shaking .
Gozie, Male



I can touch my toes.
AAA, Female

Can anything beat a surprise strip tease?
M-007, Female

Head and Deep throat. Makes me feel like I am sucking his soul and the moans 😩drive me crazy.

KUSH, Female



I take on the wheel and ride.
La Bella Principessa, Female


When I saw this question, it took me two hours to really decide if I wanted to tell the truth or not. So I decided to speak candidly. At 39, my go to move to impress a girl, you are not really as sexually active as in your twenties. I take three to six drags of weed. The effect on me is that it takes away all my inhibitions, like the NZT drug in the movie limitless it prepares a cocktail of all the finest moves and abilities I need to impress and I must say it works so well that on the times I have tried it the ladies come for a second and third outing but of course I don’t do or use it on those second and third occasions.
And don’t try this if you are light headed.
Anonymous, Male



Well, I can arrogantly say my head game is lit🔥🔥
Anonymous, Female



I’d say it’s my voice and my hands.
Voice becomes honey mixed with beach. sand.
Hands become jelly with sweet jam.
Aguiyi Ironsi, Male



When I’m giving him a handjob or a blowjob, and it gets to the part when he’s about to cum, I stop and clamp my fingers on the head of his dick. I can literally feel the blood pumping hard. I leave it that way until he cools off, before I start again. Lol. I do this a couple of times and then when I’m ready to let it blow, I press my thumb and middle fingers at the base of the dick, just where it sticks out of his body. I give it a few rubs and he spurts like a fountain.
Sally D, Female



I stick my finger in her asshole while she orgasms.
That shit drives her nuts.
She almost never sees it coming as I don’t do it on a reg.
Anonymous, Male



A blowjob and hand job has always won it for me, when he’s about to cum I always make my hold firmer with my thumb at its head and massage his feet all at once with my other hand, most times my teeth are also at his nipple
Princess “O”, Female



Head All in….basically. Tongue action in both holes.
Aaron, Male



Reverse cowgirl. And a damn good blow job.
NikkiBenz, Female



I get on that dick and ride like my life depends on it while I make him put a finger in my asshole!
Anonymous, Female



I have amazing blowjob skills and there’s levels to it so I can go to max level and take him places no one has ever!!!
And no one will.
ButtonFruit, Female



*chuckle* Pondered on this for a bit and to be very honest, I don’t have ‘a special trick’. Someone, post coitus, once sent me a message “sex is an art and there are few people who have mastered this art. You, Cavey, have a thing or two to teach these ‘masters’.” Maybe ‘cos I showed her I was a cliterate, maybe ‘cos she she said she’d never spasmed before. *shrug* I don’t know. I just know that I try making it my duty to blow her mind (and cooch) if given the opportunity but I particularly like waking up before she does and getting her pussy and my mouth/tongue better acquainted. I hear an orgasm is the best alarm. Go figure.
Cavey, Male



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