#TheShuffle: Songs That Make Me Think Of You(Male)…

This post has been long anticipated, I wrote the Female Version last year and so many people loved it and I had to send the songs individual to folks. I didn’t want to to leave the guys out. I know they are capable of reaching deep into their souls to find songs they can relate to. Do you know what I think? I think that guys fall in love way faster than girls, but they don’t own up to it. I still have no idea why.


I should have posted this on Valentine’s Day, but naaa. That would be too basic. Besides, i don’t even like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s the only commercial holiday I don’t like. I’m a sucker for love but Valentine’s day just feels like when you are stuffing yourself with your favourite chocolate and then you end up throwing because it’s too damn much!


This list was compiled with the help of GANG of 96.5 Urban FM in Lagos.



1.Dru Hill ||  You Are Everything





2. Boyz 2 Men || Water Runs Dry




3. Usher || Separated




4. Chris Brown || Back To Sleep




5. R Kelly || The Greatest Sex




6. J.Holiday || Be With Me




7.  Miguel || Adorn





8. Joe || I Wanna Know





9. Until The End Of Time || Justin Timberlake




10. Gorilla || Bruno Mars




*Bonus Track* Sangria || Blake Shelton

I absolutely love love love this song!



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