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Welcome to another super exciting episode of #Spotlight, if this is your first time encountering the series, don’t worry, I’ve got you! Read the first episode here. I started this series because I got tired of waiting for the universe to bless me with my  TV chat show(which will happen sometime in the future), in waiting, I decided to interview the amazing humans of the world and today’s guest is truly awesome!

Olawale Adetula is his real name, but we the citizens of the internet don’t know him by that name, we know him as TheToolsman, he is the co-founder of TheNakedConvos. The Naked Convos is “an interactive community designed to create safe spaces where young Nigerians engage in OPEN and HONEST conversations about relationships, music, movies, health, sports, news and entertainment by publishing opinion pieces, short stories, polls, poetry, serialized fiction (series) and other material that allows young people engage in these conversations about their lives, community and society.” (The Naked ConvosI have written quite a number of pieces on there which you can check out here

TheToolsman is, in his words, is an unrepentant media addict, I was drawn to him through his posts, the first couple of articles I read by him, my mind was blown. There are so many stories of idiotic guys out there so when I get the opportunity to meet sensible males, online and offline, I always jump at it. I strongly believe #AllMenAreNotScum  So, I followed him on twitter and I’ve been a silent loyal stalker ever since. You really have to read some of his stuff to understand what I’m talking about, sometimes, I just want to climb into his brain just to see how it works. Read some of my favourite pieces from him  here, here, oh, and here. I even found one of his TED talks which I think everyone NEEDs to watch.

I am very excited that one of the fictional stories on the blog has been adapted for TV, okay, not TV yet(that’s just a matter of time). It’s up on Youtube, Our Best Friend’s Wedding comes out every thursday at 4pm on REDtv. Check the trailer below. Episode is out today so, make you you binge on the first six, really good stuff.

I can’t wait for what he has in store for 2017, here for this!




In your twitter bio, you have “unrepentant media addict”, what does that mean? How did you become an addict?
Well it’s quite literal – I go out of my way daily to seek information through any and every form of media available. I’m probably one of those people who’d die or go mad quickly if they ever found themselves in some form of solitary confinement situation. I always need to know what’s going on anywhere and everywhere at every point in time and I’m unashamed about this addiction.




I feel like your articles on TNC are ‘almost’ from a place of frustration, what’s your take on millennial relationships? The ones we have with ourselves and loved ones.
Frustration? Really? I’ve actually never thought about this but now you mentioned it, maybe you’re right. I’m not that much older than the average millennial myself but because of my inquisitive ways, I’ve experienced quite a whole lot and I’ve come to realize that things just never really change. Our world is like some sort of endless loop – yes, they may seem different but look closely and it’s really all the same. And so, it gets a little frustrating for me when I see millennials about to make mistakes I made and I try to help them see reasons why they shouldn’t but I know they’ll just nod and agree but still go ahead to make those mistakes.
As much as we try to classify millennials are being so different from geration x-ers or baby boomers, the truth is, the people aren’t so different, it’s the things around them – the technology, culture, weather etc that have changed and so it’s only natural to expect that they’ll be different. With technology getting more and more advances, human relationships can never ever be the same even though deep down, we want them to be. Everyone craves companionship but if there’s no Twitter or Facebook, you’ll go find it in a bar with real people. The millennials have social media and the internet so their relationships with themselves and loved ones can never ever be the same.

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What age do you feel right now and why?
I’ve been told I don’t look anything like my age. Many think I’m in my mid twenties but right now I actually feel like a 40 year old who’s just discovered the secret to life (if anything like that exists) and is revelling in this discovery and enjoying his life.



If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?
Of the world? That’s simple – sign an executive order to make small chops free for all. Seriously though, I’ve never had and never will have a political ambition – better a kingmaker than a king.



What is your strongest personal quality?
That would be my discipline. I’m one of those who can decide not to eat small chops for an entire year and actually do it. (Not like I eat so much small chops, wonder why I’ve mentioned it twice)




Asides, being the founder of the most interesting website out of Africa, what else do you do?
I wear many many hats. So many that I don’t have enough colours to go round. I’ve worked in Marketing and Comms for several years now, I consult for several organizations, I write, I produce music and film, I design (anything and everything) and so on….



How do you spend your free time?
Combining through the Internet, listening to music, watching classic movies, reading books – consuming some form of media while also spending time with my family.



What inspired turning #OBFW into a web series? Why not a movie?
You have to crawl before you walk. Movie production has always been the end goal for us but we needed to establish ourselves in the industry first – this is why we decided to start out with theatre and then move on to web before exploring other channels.




What are your top three favourite books and why?
The New Man – Femi Ademiluyi – This book was published in 1994 – it’s one of the best fictional stories I’ve ever read and it was written by a Nigerian.
If I could tell you just one thing – Richard Reed – recently bought this book, it’s a book where the author went round the world talking to famous/successful people asking them for just one piece of advice.
Anything written by Eric Jerome Dickey – You’d have to read any of his books to understand.

What was one of your most defining moments in life?
I have a couple but none come close to the moment I became a father. Watching my wife give birth to our daughter completely changed my life. That very moment, something I still can’t explain snapped out or into place in me and life has been awesom-er since then.



If you were president (of Nigeria), what is the first thing you would do?
Politics again. Ok, so I’ll assume small chops is already free for all. This time, I’ll find a way to review our constitution. Weaken the center and go back to operating a regional system like we had pre-independence.





What does a perfect day look like to you?
A day I make money outside of my regular income. Actually.. a day I learn something new.



What do you feel most proud of?
I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved with TNC. Six years and perfectly on course with our long term plans is amazing but then again I’m also extremely proud of my daughter.



What do you want your tombstone to say?
Toolsman was here.





Five things you have learned since having a daughter.
1. I should have slept more before she came.
2. People who design baby gadgets are MAD!
3. Changing diapers isn’t so bad
4. I need to make more money
5. My life is never ever going to be the same.



Would rather sweat mayonnaise or have cheese for saliva?
Cheese for saliva – mascarpone.



Would you rather be trapped in Jurassic park or compete in the Hunger Games?
Jurassic park please – human beings can be savages. I’d rather take my chances with dinosaurs.



What is your guilty pleasure Disney movie?
Can I say all? Ok, lately it has to be Tangled. Maddest screenplay ever.

You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place?
Do we have small chops? I’d make it compulsory for everyone to dedicate a certain number of hours to learning new things every day.



Is there anything you would like to add?
I enjoyed this. Job well done.


Thank you!


You should follow him too for the ultimate twitter experience, @theToolsman. And don’t forget to check out The Naked Convos (p.s you get paid if you write and post articles on TNC)


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