#LipglossmaffiaStyle:Top Fashion Bloggers That Are Killing It…

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”
― Sophia Loren

#LipglossmaffiaStyle 10 fashion bloggers killing it

They are so many though. I didn’t even know how to reduce this list to ten people.  Personally, I dress according to my mood and these bloggers represent my different moods and fantasies. Here is my list of fashion bloggers that are killing it and are giving me joy every time,  I visit their Instagram pages and blogs. I hope you’re inspired too.

1- StylePantry(IG: @StylePantry)

She is my inner fashionista. My style spirit animal. There is no wrong she can do in my eyes. And her body? Did you know she has three kids? Three human beings came out of her and she still has the grace to look like this! Gosh!

2- RhonkeFella(IG: @rhonkefellamakeover)

I love how she embodies “African woman-ness” into her style. I’m not even sure if that’s a word but I’m  making it a word.The hair, the choice of fabrics and how every single piece she wears reflect her personality which is fun and classy.I just feel like, I’ll have a great time with her.

3-Wendy Nguyen(IG: @wendyslookbook)

This is me. Seriously. She has my dream closet. I want to raid her house. I would probably love her bed sheets too. And what I love like about her style is how effortless it is. Notice that she picks key pieces that can be recreated in other outfits. Very practical and chic.

4- Mimi G

She has an amazing bdy! Oh my goshhhhhhh! And she know that she does, so she dresses her body to perfection. I love seeing her in dresses and skirts. I want to raid her closet too. She is also a tailor. Lucky her.



5- Stella Uzo(IG: @jadorefashion)

I feel like if I had to attend corporate meetings and be in that business-y environment, I would be dressing like Stella. It gives joy to stalk her page and most times, when I want to make an effort at work, I channel her for inspiration.And she looks great in yellow.




6- Asiyami gold(IG: @asiyam_gold)

This woman is a creative. I started following her because of the artistic way she framed her photos. There is a story to tell, you can almost pick out the mood and theme that she was trying to achieve. I’m also obsessed with her skin and her hair. It’s just luscious.



7- Tosha Eason(IG: @tosha_eason)

Tosha is the cool girl next door that you would always be scared to talk to because of how cool and put together her outfits are. I would love to raid her closet too, I love what she does with jeans. Pure art mixed with simplicity.



8- Micah Gianneli(IG: @micahgianneli)

She is my ultra sexy style spirit goddess. I don’t know if a day would ever come when I dress like this but she wears those outfits so good. To be honest, I don’t think it’s about the dress she wears, it’s from her personality, she is a firecracker! Very confident and sexy and sassy. gosh, I love her!



9- Sweenee(IG: @sweeneestyleblogger)

She is actually a style blogger. She doesn’t follow trends, she picks the ones she likes and does magic with them. I love when mothers don’t let themselves go. She is a very yummy mummy. 



10- StyleLust Pages(IG: @cortnieelizabeth)

Cortnie is pregenant at the moment and for the first time I can say “goals”. I mean it. She is making my ovaries tingles. Her style is fresh and practical. I use the word, fresh, because there are a lot of tshirts and anyone who can make tshirts look this good should be called FRESH!



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