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So good to be back! I enjoyed this blog break more than I expected. As you have guessed from the title, I was in Congo Republic, precisely in Brazzaville. Question. Why would I –out of all the exotic locations on earth choose to go – to Congo? Well, I didn’t choose, my mum was going home and she needed an offspring to show off(you know, the usual stuff) and I was the only one available because my baby sis is preparing for her national service to this great country. Bleeeh


Amyn's Congo trip 19

Mummy Dearest!!!


My mother is a Congolese woman(in case you haven’t already figured that out), which makes me part Congo and no I can’t dance like the sexy girls in Fally Ipupa or Koffi Olomide’s videos. Republic of Congo aka Congo Brazzaville, with a population of almost 5 million people has had the same president since my mum was in high school. No joke. I feel we should just call the man, The King instead of president. I mean…


Anyhoo, I’m not here to give a history lesson, you can Google any other information you want(which might be propaganda because The King is paranoid as hell), this post is a list(you know I love lists) of the interesting things I noticed while I was in Brazzaville.


1- There are more taxis than people. This shocked me at first but I eventually got used it because of how cheap it is to go around town. I didn’t even need to negotiate, I just jumped into taxis like a New Yorker. Pure bliss.(p.s it’s wise to always have the exact fare which is 1000 CFA, if not, let the driver know immediately)


Amyn's Congo trip 6

2- I like how the “First Lady” is referred to as “Madame La Presidente” instead of the plain “la premiere dame”. Lol, this might be trivial but it tickled my fancy. (There was a HUGE thanksgiving service at the cathedral when she got out of the hospital, Mama has been sick for a while). She owns a couple of fuel stations, “Oil Congo” SMH

3- Cooking gas is so scarce! And friggin’ expensive. 60,000 CFA for gas? Oh my God! When I go around in the evenings, there are insane queues at the very few depots and it just makes me so sad. I mean, it’s cooking gas for God’s sake! How can gas be scarce. So, most people use firewood or charcoal to cook.

4- Generators are still a luxury here. Coming from a country where even minimum wage earners have generators, it’s strange for me. When the light is seized here, my uncle brings out candles. I kinda welcomed it though, the silence and fresh air was beautiful unlike Lagos with its fumes. But there are fucking massive mosquitoes that I think are assassins. They probably have their own training camp.(Make sure you carry your mosquito repellent, these things are mean thugs)

5- The trains have been abandoned at the train station and nobody touches it. Weird ass shit. I don’t understand why the trains are not functioning. A country with no trains is just sad.

6- I found it quaint that they put the prices on items at the market on display. As if to say, “don’t haggle, can’t you see the price already?

Amyn's Congo trip 22

Amyn's Congo trip 23

7- Pharmacies. They are everywhere. A street can have like, 10. There are as many pharmacies in Congo Brazzaville as there are churches in Nigeria. But they don’t open on the weekends. Which is very very very weird. And they have special night pharmacies too.

Amyn's Congo trip 8

Amyn's Congo trip 15

8- Civil employees work from 8am to 2pm and close by noon on Fridays. I’m. So. Jealous

9- Puma is a fuel station. Period.

Amyn's Congo trip 5

10- Sunday is a marathon day in Brazzaville. Seriously, every Sunday, people come out in their really chic sport outfits and take to the streets. They really love walking here and I don’t blame them considering the heavy meals they eat.And all the drinking. God Lord, Congolese folk are closet alcoholics and don’t even realize it. I got to indulge though.


Congolese cuisine

Amyn's Congo trip 11

Amyn's Congo trip 10

Amyn's Congo trip 4

Amyn's Congo trip 3

11- This is one of the coolest things I noticed. When people are going to bury someone, they are usually in a convoy with the picture of the deceased on each car. Without traffic lights or the police, other motorists clear the path for them, I mean cars stop so that the convoy can get through. Sent chills through my body but I think it was really cool. So respectful.


12- And best of all, Congo Brazzaville was very good for my ego. The citizens are very blunt and uninhibited with their words. It was very refreshing to hear, “tu es tres belle, Yaya”. hearing you’re pretty from one male stranger is just ordinary but hearing it from males and females is a super ego boost. And I luxuriated in all of it.


Amyn's Congo trip 16


It was so much fun meeting people who knew me only as a baby or a child. One woman grabbed her chest when she saw me, she was the nurse who attended to my mum when she was giving birth to me. She screamed about how much I had grown(I really don’t know why people do this). And she asked me to buy her a beer for all the stress I gave my mum during labour, then she proceeded to tell me about the birth. Funny story for another day. Lol


Below is me about to go to attend the lauch of my uncle’s cooking oil. A little dramatic with the tshirt and wrapper but that’s how we Congo girls roll!!!


More photos…

Amyn's Congo trip 13

Some lovely beignets

Amyn's Congo trip 1


Amyn's Congo trip 7

I’m sure Obama would be proud.


Amyn's Congo trip 17

Night Out on the town

Amyn's Congo trip 24

Exhausted after a long day of being my mum’s P.A


Already missing the motherland, but I am so glad to be back. I’m very excited about the features lined up to share on the blog, most especially my new erotica series, “Birthday Girl”.


Birthday Girl - PurpleAndPosh


Here is an excerpt:


It would be her birthday at the stroke of midnight and he had obviously planned to have her already impaled on his cock at the moment the clock struck twelve. But Samira’s girlfriends had already arranged a night out dancing to celebrate and she could not cancel. Deji had not complained or said anything beyond a neutral “That’s okay” when she told him over the phone.


It would be out tomorrow on PurpleandPosh at noon. You don’t want to miss out on this one. It promises to be very steamy.




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