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It’s food time😃



Bet you didn’t know I could cook, right?


Gotcha! You can actually check out the time I made Afang Soup and when I shared my special veggie sauce that tastes great with boiled yam.



Today, we will be making one of my favourite soups. I love Banga soup so much. I love other soups like; Afang, Egusi, Efo-Riro, Ogbono, Oha etc but Banga soup gives me a different kind of foodgasm. It’s on a spiritual level. Yup. If I decided to make Banga soup for someone or a group of people, that would be me beginning a blood covenant ritual with them and once that soup gets into their bodies? That’s it, we are joined for life. Banga soup is that serious with me.


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Another reason I don’t take the soup likely is because of the process, it’s made with love and time. If there is no love inside you, that soup is going to blow. I don’t even care if you have the best technique. As long as you have love inside you, you can make Banga soup and I’m going to share my recipe with you. (Disclaimer: I’m terrible with quantities, so you have to use your discretion, that’s how I was taught. My mum never used quantities, you just had to know what was right/enough)


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You Would Need

*Palm kernel
*Boiled goat meat
*Shaki(tripe) + Kpomo(cow skin), all boiled
*Stock fish


*Yellow pepper and scotch bonnet(grinded)
*Onions, chopped
*Salt(I don’t use seasoning cubes because I don’t want anything interfering with the natural taste of the soup)
*Ukazi leaves, chopped(my mum is Congolese, so those are the leaves they use)


*Dry cameroun pepper(for ambience)





1- First of all, you have to do some extraction. Wash your palm kernel(duh), put in a pot, add water and let it boil for 30-45mins. I just usually leave it on for an hour though.


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2- Get your mortar and pestle ready. Then scoop the boiled fruits into the mortar. Without the water, of course. Start to pound, but not so hard that the fruits break. It will be really soft so you should have no problem.


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3- To extract the juice for the soup, you would put the pounded palm kernel into a bowl, add some hot water(not too much,use your discretion, if not you will spend ages trying to get it to boil to a good consistency), chill till it’s warm enough for your hands.(Tip: don’t let it get cold. Ever) Use your hand to squeeze the juice out and then sieve. Be careful when sieving, sandy stuff is always lingering at the bottom.


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4- Pour the juice into a pot and put it to boil. At this particular point, it’s going to be a little watery, so let it boil. I leave mine to boil without a cover.


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5- After 15-25mins(depending on how many people you’re cooking for), it’s time to put the stock fish. You know it’s always dry and hard, so I like it to boil and get soft in the soup. You can also add some salt and the grinded pepper at this point.

6- When the soup is getting thicker, add your goat meat, shaki and kpomo and cameroun pepper. Let it soak up that Banga goodness.


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7- When you’re satisfied with the consistency and the heavenly smell of your soup, sprinkle some ukazi leaves on it. Don’t forget to always taste for salt, salty Banga soup is the devil. Let the leaves cook for like two minutes, then take your soup off and let it sit.

8- Serve with Eba or semo or starch or wheat. Not a fan of pounded yam but some people say it goes well with the soup. Some folks even have it with white rice.


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And in the famous words of Katy Perry, “Bon Appetit, Bebe



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