#TheTribeSpeaks: On The First Thing They Notice When The Opposite Sex Walks Into A Room…

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I’m so sorry for the silence last week, I was in a weird funk but I think I’m getting past it now. Gradually. I have missed #TheTribe so much! If you are a reading this blog for the first time, you have missed so many incredible posts, but no worries, you can start form here. It’s one of my all time faves.



On today’s episode of #TheTribeSpeaks, I asked, “what is the first you notice when a member of the opposite sex walks into a room?” This is a pretty normal question, but the Tribe members don’t do “normal”. Check out their insightful answers below…





Height!!! I notice tall guys first when they enter a room. I just have something for tall, well built guys. I just imagine strength, cuddles, comfort…even though it often doesn’t follow but I still give tall guys a second glance.
DeeH, Female



I notice his lips… I guess I’m really drawn to it because I love to kiss and my first instinct is to see if he’s kissable then I extend to the rest of his face then his body.
Fluffy, Female



Hmmmmm…their height
Labeecee, Female


The first thing I notice about a guy is his height. I love it when a man is taller than me. It’s so…hot. What can I say? Tall men turn me on. 😏😏
C, Female



His shoes!!!!!! Omg…I am a sucker for delicious shoes because it usually shows impeccable taste.
Honey, Female



How she looks in what she’s wearing.
El-Z, Male



Depending on how they make their entrance… Maybe her boobs walk in first *If she’s that huge* or walks in backwards doing the moonwalk, and her ass shows up first… LOL
But seriously, for me I work my way from top to bottom (depending on her outfit), but face catches me first, then I reenact “🎵head shoulders knees and toes 🎼 with a remix… Head, Shoulders, Breast, Waist (hips *which can show ass*), Legs (if she’s in a short skirt *refer to previous 👆outfit statement)
Gang, Male



Height, shoulders then smell, voice. What draws me to these? I like tall guys (Duh) With shoulders that look capable lol. Then I like a man with a deep, rich baritone and heavenly smell.
Motunrayo, Female



ND, Male



Height and his dressing, there is something sexy about a guy that dresses well. Also, smell.
Anonymous, Female



His dick…And I try to size it up in my head☺️😉.
Anonymous, Female



His dressing fam …. that’s the first thing I notice. Lol…. it’s just an unconscious intuition.
VicTheGreat, Female




The face. N sometimes the boobs n if I’m late noticing, then I will go for the ass.
Stef_23, Male



Good smiles.
Ahmed, Male



The smell (cologne) my sense of smell is sharper than my sight.
But in the absence of the former. Then it’s most definitely a trail down from the face .
Khuddie, Female



Put my senses to work
1. Smell and Scent
2. Way she walks
3. Then her voice
4. Her face; and facial expressions
5. The feel of her soft palms when i stretch my hands to shake her
M.A 2017, Male



Depending on my sitting view, his face. when he speaks.
La Bella Principessa, Female



I also notice weird things like glasses, left handedness, braces.
Aguiyi Ironsi, Male



You listen for the voice n pray that sense comes with it.
Ade, Male



Well…their face cos it’s most obvious. But I’m most particular about nails! I basically try to see the nails as much as possible.
Yimika, Male



I search for her ring finger to know if she’s married or not so as to know how to proceed. What draws me? Ermmm…to know how to approach her.
Uncle Okey, Male



His height….. confidence and poise. Plus if he’s dressed nice u can focus on his package and the size of his feet 😜😜😜😜
Mystique, Female



Perfect Symmetry and Poise!
Redman, Male




And there you have it! What’s the first thing YOU notice when a member of the opposite gender walks in?


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