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It’s review time! I love doing reviews. Remember when I did the Street Liquor one? And the local beer one? I plan to do more reviews in this quarter, so I’m pretty excited. I know what you’re thinking, “is it only alcohol you’ll be reviewing, Amyn?” Actually, no. Lol. I have done a restaurant review before, which is the story of how I destroyed my mum’s birthday because the place was so bad. I have also done a sex toy review before and early next month, I have this amazing hair product to review. It’s an interesting mix, really.


Today’s review is about the Menstrual Cup and the review is done by my awesome friend, Karachi. We had a conversation about it when she bought it and I thought it would be an awesome review, so enjoy…




Karachi: I just purchased my first menstrual cup
Karachi: I’m ready to be done with tampons
Karachi: Have you ever tried one?
Karachi: Just found out there’s a Nigerian brand.
lipglossmaffia: There is?
lipglossmaffia: I didn’t know o
lipglossmaffia: What’s the name?
lipglossmaffia: I’m curious. And cannot wait for your thoughts.
Karachi: “Luv Ur Body”
lipglossmaffia: Hmm, okay
Karachi: But it seems like those are quite long and might be uncomfortable
Karachi: I wonder how many people in Nigeria actually use it
lipglossmaffia: Mehn, I have no friggin idea. Just hearing about it sef. Have they done their own tampons that they are doing cup.
Karachi: I think their main demo is south African women.
Karachi: But the reviews I’ve seen are positive
lipglossmaffia: Oooh. Of course. Tooh
Karachi: Seems like a lot of people on the western hemisphere purchase it
lipglossmaffia: Tooh. Let me know how it goes then.
Karachi: I will
Karachi: Will probably have to wait until my next period
Karachi: I’m anxious
lipglossmaffia: Anxious, why?
Karachi: The insertion and removal
lipglossmaffia: Damn
Karachi: They were really difficult to get through.




Karachi: Morning! Slept okay
Karachi: I’m on the last day of my period but I think I might try it
Karachi: So it’s in. Took about 39 secs.
Karachi: Doesn’t feel like there’s anything up there
Karachi: I’ll wear it for about 4 hours and take it out to empty when I shower
lipglossmaffia: Okay
lipglossmaffia: Have to be relaxed and all that, yeah?
Karachi: Yeah. The actual insertion actually took 10 secs. The remaining 20 was me going around the edges to make sure it was open.
lipglossmaffia: Do a review, let me post on the bloggggg😭😭😭😭😭😭
lipglossmaffia: I don’t think a lot of people in these parts know about this
Karachi: Totally. Let’s do it.
lipglossmaffia: It will be interesting to read
lipglossmaffia: So you feel nothing?
Karachi: Nada. Apparently because the silicone adjusts to your internal temp
Karachi: I’m interested to see how it handles my day 2 period because I leak through an ultra tampon AND an overnight pad
lipglossmaffia: Damn😳
lipglossmaffia: And it’s supposed to stay in for how long?
lipglossmaffia: 6-8hours?
Karachi: It can stay in for 12
Karachi: Mehn I straight up buy 4 sizes of tampons as well as overnight pads.
Super when it starts, overnight for day 2 and most of 3, super plus for 3 and overnight, super for 4 and 5 and light for 6
lipglossmaffia: Kai. Strong woman💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Karachi: I once woke up on day 2, my ultra tampon was full and I had leaked through to my overnight pad and that was full. Made the mistake of changing outside the shower and I stg a big splatter hit the floor when I pulled out the tampon
Karachi: On day 2 I have to change ultra tampons every 1-2 hours. Fucking ULTRA.
lipglossmaffia: Oh God
lipglossmaffia: And the crampies?
lipglossmaffia: Is it plenty?
Karachi: Ha! Like someone is wringing the blood out of me
Karachi: And the clots? I’m always shocked at how big they are.
lipglossmaffia: Sending you hugsssssssssss
lipglossmaffia: Sigh
Karachi: All this on top maybe pregnancy one day
lipglossmaffia: As in ehn
lipglossmaffia: The stress
lipglossmaffia: I don’t even want to think about that one
Karachi: I started documenting my experience.
lipglossmaffia: Yaaaay!


Karachi: Morning!
Karachi: Update!
Took it out after 5 hours and it was filled about a fifth of the way with what looked like a mixture of blood, lining and whatever other fluids
Karachi: Reinsertion was a bit tricky. The punch down and 7 folds didn’t work. Probably because I wasn’t as lubricated. Taco fold worked but I had to poke around to open it and it was a bit uncomfortable before it opened
Karachi: Around 2am I had to take it out because it was a bit uncomfortable. Kind of the way any size of tampon would be if there was nothing to absorb but not as bad
Karachi: There were only 2 small spots in it so I guess my period is done.
Karachi: the liner i put in afterwards is still clean
lipglossmaffia: Fascinating
lipglossmaffia: Okay


So, have you heard about the menstrual cup before? Would you like to try it? And if you have, what was your experience like? Would you recommend it?


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