My 2017: You Can’t Unfuck What Is Already Fucked…


Damn. 2017 has been a year of personal development and I am amazed at the amount of skills I have gathered. I started writing quarterly reviews this year to keep track of my progress and I would advise everyone to do this, you have better material to reflect on at the end of the year. This time last year, I was apprehensive because I had a feeling I was going to lose my job in the new year which I did, not a fault of mine just shitty management.Β 


Do you know what it taught me? I learned that YOU CANNOT UNFUCK WHAT IS ALREADY FUCKED, lol. I’m making this my mission statement for 2018. I feel like you guys have to read the quarterly reviews to understand my struggle because if I have to write it here, this post might become a long ass memoir. So, here is the Quarter 1, Quarter 2 & Quarter 3.





Remember that job I started at the beginning of 2016? Yeah, That ended early this year but it was such a wild ride. I had a dry spell for 6 months and got another job in November which I was really excited about. It was a new industry for me, meeting new people, learning new things but a few weeks into the job i started to feel melancholic. I don’t hate it but I’m not excited about it anymore and it has become a means to an end so I’m on auto-pilot. You can read more about it, HERE. I tried to start a business but I don’t think I pushed myself enough into so I kinda gave up which made me mad at myself so I plan to consciously give it a go in the new year. Β I will do a detailed post Β on it next year, so that you guys can gas me up!



I honestly think that this is the only thing that is going 100% smoothly in my life. I am so grateful to be able to share experiences with a human who “has sense”. I pray 2018 is even more amazing for us because the good Lord knows we deserve it. My friends have also shown that you don’t need to share blood to be family and I’m blessed. I hope I get to be a blessing to them the way they are for me.



I’m so proud of the growth of my blogs this year. I re-read my first post which was published in 2013 and gave myself a pat on the back. I got to share my love for books on the blog this year and you’re going to see more of that in the coming year. Join the #LipglossmaffiaReadingChallenge here. I got to interview the most interesting people on #Spotlight, i think it was my most favourite series on the blog, I got inspired reading about these amazing humans.



This year was my broke-st. I wanted to hangout with friends but when I calculated costs and all that, I got discouraged and gave up, I really hope to work on this. My virtual relationships on the other hand have blossomed. I met the most cheerful and positive people this year, people who are actually doing and making things happen. Very inspiring stuff. The bookclub was the best thing I could have done this year to be honest, sharing a hobby with other like minds is the best thing in the world. Everyone needs to try it.


Here is a list of people, things that made my year…


*My mummy

*My baby sister, Phattie B



*Habiba & Sarah

*You, my fantastic readers

*Karachi, my bookish fairy godmother

*Osasu, my bookish fairy godfather

*The Lipglossmaffia Bookclub


*My Phone

*Wingsville in Lekki Phase 1(try the lemon pepper and thank me later)

*My camera

*My Wine Cup

*4th Street white wine(for still keeping me sane despite being broke)


*Pinterest (the best app in the world)


*Can I just put Candyman up again? He definitely deserves two spots

*Jade(my car for always having my back/butt)


*All my streaming websites for music and movies


*Shea Butter

*Aviary(my favourite photo editing app)

*Waffles and chicken



My goal in the new year is to, Be More. In every aspect of life, be more to my family and friends, be more at work and on the blog, love more, write more, exercise more, laugh more, pray more, learn more, experience more. Will you join me in being more this 2018?

And don’t forget, you can’t unfuck what is already fucked.


Happy New Year from my family to yours!




See you on the other side.