New Year, New Me And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves…

Hi guys!


Happy new year!


I hope you all had a fantastic holiday? Most of us are resuming work this week, kids are going back to school, it’s like the year has begun properly. When I got into the office on Monday, my colleagues were dropping comments about how I didn’t come to work during the holidays and I was like, “Child please!” They obviously didn’t get the memo that the Maffia does not joke with holidays. If you are experiencing this at work too, just kill them your dazzling smiles. Just like I’m doing right now.


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Anyhoo, I noticed a trend recently, when something bad happens at the the beginning of the year some people believe that it’s a sign of impending doom in the coming months.




This is a the farthest thing from the truth. I believe that if you focus on the negative aspect of an unfortunate incident at the beginning for the year, the universe will conspire to bring you a series of unfortunate incidents. So, relax. Your car refusing to start on the first Monday of the year is not a sign of anarchy and chaos. Breaking up with your partner at the beginning of the year doesn’t mean your year will be filled with rejections. You can’t afford to think like that, it’s not healthy. So, make a conscious effort to stay positive. Can we do that? I know how hard it is but you just have to try.


I will resume blogging fully in February. This month, I feel like, I need to focus fully on work because something magical is about to happen. In November, 2015 I started counting down to 2016, with no reason. I just hoped I would get good news, so I want to try it again this January. When activities resume in February, I would give you an update, until them  I want to invite you to join the #LipglossmaffiaReadingChallenge, for more information on how to participate, please read HERE.


I’m not going to be offline so you can stay updated by following me on Twitter and Instagram @lipglossmaffia. If you want to chat or ask a question, anything like that, send me an email at , I am always available for a chat, I do hate phone calls, so please don’t call.


See you in February, have a fantastic month ahead!





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