A Day Without My Phone…


Before you get into this post, you need to know I didn’t plan this but I forgot my phone so I decided to make use of the opportunity. 



Of all the days to forget a phone!


I forgot my phone at home today and I decided to do a social experiment and not send an Uber for it. This is me trying to see if I am indeed addicted to my phone. But here is the thing, I sell books on Instagram, what if customers need to reach me? What if today is the day I get the call that changes my life forever?


It’s 8:18 am now. And I feel like this is the stupidest thing I have ever consciously done. And since I’m doing this for science, this post will be a series of entries at different times of the day and will end when the phone is finally in my hand.


9:25 am

I haven’t told anybody that I’m phoneless. Except for my mum, of course. Can’t reach the lover so, I guess when he checks his emails or IG comment section, he would be made aware. I’m kinda itching for my phone but it’s not crazy yet. Enjoying the peace and quiet.


10:12 am

I just received book mail. I usually do an unboxing video on Instagram but I have no phone so I can’t post it. Does this diminish the whole idea of book mail? I don’t think so. I’m just so excited that I have free books!


11:13 am

I’m actually not missing my phone. At All. Does this mean I can survive without my phone? I’m not addicted?


1:18 pm

I really don’t miss it. Maybe it’s because it’s a busy day. I have been able to channel my little free moments into research for “SomethingBookish”


1:32 pm

Quiet is good.
Quiet is healthy.

Quiet is where you
find who you really need.

Lol. I feel like a sage.


5:11 pm

Okay, I’ve been drinking and I just remembered I don’t have a phone to drunk text. That’s a good thing, right? I have noticed that I always get into trouble when I drunk-text. And no gender is safe when I’m tipsy and holding a phone.


6:07  pm

About to leave the office now and I can proudly say that I didn’t miss my phone at all. This makes me very happy.



What I’ve learned is that I am not addicted to my phone. Would you ever try this? Have you ever gone a full day without your mobile phone? Is this something you would like to try? Let’s chat below…



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