About Lipglossmaffia


Want to know more about me? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Lipglossmaffia’s Blog was born in November 2011 as a place to share my personal thoughts and opinions about life in general while tentatively moving into the career world. Over the years, my blog has evolved to showcase lifestyle, self improvement, reviews, beauty and fashion. As a Creative Content Producer by day, I devote my life to media production and this filters into my blog. Whether it’s beauty reviews, blog tips or sharing my experience of counselling, Lipglossmaffia’s Blog  is here to inform you while also, hopefully, entertaining you. At least, that’s the intention!


Born in the beautiful month of October in 1988,  my name is Amyn Bawa-Allah. I’m a Nigerian(most of the time, since my mum is from Congo Republic). I, sometimes cannot keep up with the things that go through my mind daily, so this is the place I come to ejaculate, so I don’t end up with mental blue balls. On the blog, you’d find lots of musings, lists(oh, how I love lists!), honest to God reviews about everything, completely random interviews, Books & Book reviews, DIY advice, recipes and good ol rants. I have a weird mix of interests(so, I’ve been told) and I love to share, so expect to read about:

#Books #Makeup #Music #PersonalDevelopment #Alcohol #SexualHealth #Food #AnythingVintage #CreativeBusinesses #Literature #Perfumes #Orgasms #PencilDressesAndSkirts #Style

That’s all for now, the rest will pop up later. It always does.

Outside this space, in the real world, I am a Creative Content Developer. I literally copied that from my LinkedIn profile page. Hehehe. But on a more serious note, I like to tell stories through all forms of media. I mean, I suffered through the pain of a post graduate  degree to make sure I am certified to work in any aspect of the media industry I want. For more on that boring “professional” stuff, you can visit out my LinkedIn Page. I also enjoy writing adult fiction, you should check out my stories and poems at Purple and Posh. I’m in the very slow process of writing my first novel, here is to hoping you get to read it before I leave this earth . *fingers crossed*

For submissions and inquiries about the blog, please email me at lipglossmaffia@gmail.com