Ladies: Make It Clear You Want Just Sex{if that’s what u want}

Most people think it’s only men who are in it for the sex(that is soooooo 2003), I’m here to tell you that a lot of girls are just looking for some sexual loving,… Continue reading

You Don’t Have To Worry So Much In Your Twenties…

There are so many things not to worry about when we are young. Our twenties should be a time to start discovering ourselves and having fun, yet a lot of people spend them… Continue reading

Are You A Good Kisser? I’m Asking The Ladies….

Kissing is fun, emotional, sexy and a great way to make a blabbermouth finally shut up. It speaks more than words and is often associated with making up, which means it definitely beats… Continue reading

Are Female Orgasms Becoming A Myth?

Reaching an orgasm can be difficult, climaxing is a natural thing when you’re making love or, you know, taking care of business yourself *wink wink*. However, i discovered recently that some of us… Continue reading

Crazy myths about men…

Stereotypes involving guys are interesting to discuss, some even a bit funny to hear,yet all totally false and totally not something you need to take seriously or, God forbid, base your relationship on.… Continue reading

Don’t Break His Heart…

Nearly every female at some point in her life has thought of the worst ways to dump a guy. The breakup process is almost always awkward and uncomfortable no matter how you go… Continue reading

The Older Man Appeal…

Unless he looks like Majek Fashesk{offense intended}, dating an older guy can be a real exciting experience. I just have to give credit to those special kind of men like George Clooney or… Continue reading

Should This Be Embarrassing? Maybe….Maybe Not

Some weird and even disgusting habits are reserved only for guys but it would be unfair to say that we don’t do the half of the things they do plus some they wouldn’t… Continue reading