#HeSaidSheSaid: How Much Should A Date Cost???

Originally posted on I2SABI I have recently become obsessed with the show, According To Him & Her on BET. The hosts of the show ask comedians to talk about matters of the heart… Continue reading

Sex And The Late Twenties…

Disclaimer: This piece is for single people okay? If you are are married and you want to try it just to take it off your list, fine but it’s not going to be… Continue reading

It’s My Effing Birthday!!!

The day I have been waiting for since the beginning of the year has finally come. I have to admit though, since September things have been kinda weird and just not right. It’s… Continue reading

This Is The Best Month…

Happy new month to all my lovely readers and friends and the random interesting people I am yet to meet. You are welcome to the month of fabulousity and awesomeness, I am very… Continue reading

The Biggest Scam Of All…

I remember how badly I wanted to grow old and do grown up things when I was a kid, now that I have gotten a taste of it, I want to go back… Continue reading

Is The “Green Light” A Myth???

Hello beautiful readers of mine. I can not apologize enough for the absence on the blog. You know I don’t like to give excuses, but I think you deserve at least a reason.… Continue reading

Put A Price Tag on Yourself!

Originally posted on Motivation Springs:
  As published on http://www.covenantrelationships.org I had an interesting epiphany while I was out shopping sometime last week. I walked into a shoe store and given my love…

The Marriage Convo…

AS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON http://www.i2sabi.com :   I started this post two days after the World Cup but I kinda got lost after three words(hehehe, blame my muse). So the idea for the… Continue reading