100 truths about Amyn

1.Last drink→ I think it was tequila or was it vodka? Too fucked up to remember 2. Last phone call→ my mommy 3. Last text message→my mummy 4. Last song you listened to→… Continue reading

The Driving Force of the XY Chromosome

a.k.a. male specie, boy, man, guy…whatever (u get the message) I have learnt (and I’m still learning) one thing from my sojourn in the world of males…guys are pretty simple. They are driven… Continue reading

I really want this for Christmas

Falling in love with yourself

” enjoy your body.use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it.its the greatest instrument you’ll ever own” We live in a world where… Continue reading

On the issue of cheating

A friend called me up today,and she was in tears because her boyfriend cheated on her,and she was asking me for advice. I asked her if she caught him in the act,she said… Continue reading


Hi, my name is Amyn Bawa-Allah,I am not your typical average female,I have weird ideas and crazy notions about life…we will get to know me more as I continue with this blog(hopefully) I… Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my very first post,this blog is my personal place,where I’m gonna share my thoughts,feelings,ideas and wishes. It’s also a tool for me to teach myself how stay committed to a project…I… Continue reading