The Myth of Singleness (part 1)

We have been taught by society and our various religious institutions that it is not good to be single. The pressure that we find even in the house of God makes you uncomfortable… Continue reading

For The Hope Of Life,She Called Me……..

Saturday evening,I was feeling lazy as usual,sipping on some Coke and Red Label when my phone rang,I didn’t pick it at first because I’m not always excited about unsaved numbers calling me. I… Continue reading


THANK YOU GOD FOR 2012 I had absolutely no expectations for this year because I had heard so many sad, pathetic stories about NYSC, I was prepared for depression in Enugu state but… Continue reading

A note to my BFF on her birthday

This is for you, my best friend Sarah Fulani, the one person i can tell my soul to. Who can relate to me like no other,who I can laugh with to no extents,who… Continue reading

My learning experience 1

Things men like in women often have nothing to do with looks,bra size, or any of the standard things we think men fall for. In fact although physical appearance is the first thing… Continue reading

Babe,You Lost Me

I am done, smoking gun We’ve lost it all, the love is gone She has won. Now it’s no fun We’ve lost it all, the love is gone And we had magic And… Continue reading

Big Girls Don’t Cry…seriously

Dating is like shopping…you buy yourself a pair of fabulous looking shoes, after a while you discover you not very comfortable walking in it and it gives you bunions the size of a… Continue reading

Too many assumptions

Girls also misunderstand guys. A girl often mistakenly assumes that if a guy is the right guy for her, he will know what she wants and will automatically consider her needs and do… Continue reading