Did God Say That?

I think everyone who considers themself a “Christian” should read this….. Advertisements

Plus or Minus A Quarter Of A Century Later…..

Originally posted on Motivation Springs:
Yesterday was my birthday! (Yea I accept cyber hugs too so feel free to send as many as possible). As per my yearly tradition, a few days before…

France: A Reason To Sleep With Everyone

Freaking hilarious!!?!

The Break-Up Manual…

A dear friend of mine, an amazing lady is going through a break up right now,and this wouldn’t be the first time I’m going through a “sympathetic” phase with a friend and I… Continue reading

Hello March…

Go insane with your creativity this month, let your spirit guide you. I wish you the most amazing experiences, happy new month…XO

A Couch Like Oprah’s…

Two weeks ago I started my “My Fake Web Series” and I have come to understand a lot more about myself and what I would like to do with my life, professionally. But… Continue reading

On Awful, Paralysing & Totally Irrational Self-Doubt

Low self confidence is a killer! Anytime my confidence is in crisis mode,I just take a look at a picture of my mother, if she could it, there should be nothing stopping me…XO

Why I Reblog

It’s funny but this is also the reason I reblog, I read more than I write. And all writers know that the hardest thing about writing is….writing!