Settling Down Can Wait…

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Things Women And Men Interprete Differently…

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Secrets I Think Guys Wish They Knew About Girls

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How Do You Handle Being Around Your EX?

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Ladies: Make It Clear You Want Just Sex{if that’s what u want}

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You Don’t Have To Worry So Much In Your Twenties…

There are so many things not to worry about when we are young. Our twenties should be a time to start discovering ourselves and having fun, yet a lot of people spend them… Continue reading

Are You A Good Kisser? I’m Asking The Ladies….

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Are Female Orgasms Becoming A Myth?

Reaching an orgasm can be difficult, climaxing is a natural thing when you’re making love or, you know, taking care of business yourself *wink wink*. However, i discovered recently that some of us… Continue reading